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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

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Active Hosting

What is "Active Hosting"?  When you host your website with Yahoo, Register, Google, or any of the corporate-based web hosts out there, you are paying for "passive" hosting.  What this means is that you are responsible for making all of your site changes yourself, or hiring someone else to make the changes for you, on top of the monthly hosting.  Active hosting is where your hosting AND "that someone else" are in the same place.  It may cost you $5/month more, but there is someone you can call or email anytime about your website, and minor routine changes are often included in your hosting package!  You also get in-depth monthly website statistics that clue you in as to how your promotional efforts are doing--sent right to your email inbox. 

Another term I like to use to describe "active hosting" is "Webmastering".  For example, most of the sites I host, I am also the webmaster of.  Several of these sites were not designed by me, but once moved to my hosting, if you need a picture updated or moved, more pictures, more Mp3's, new video, a whole new page for example, just get me the files and/or text, and it's done.  Obviously things like new pages and lots of new pics or audio files are going to take more than 10 minutes to put up and position, but I'm not going to waste time billing someone $2.50 to change a line of text, or a date, or even update a band schedule if it only takes me 5 or 10 minutes!

These days people need to focus on the task at hand--their business!  Active hosting allows them to do just that.  Let your webmaster take care of the site updates while you focus on the content, and your promo and product.  Some of the other things that I offer to take off people's hands is Social integration, SEO (search engine optimization), and interlinking client's websites with their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reverb Nation, CD Baby, or wherever they are, or want to be.  This is a lot of stuff to learn how to do, and will certainly take you away from what you really need to be doing, which is making and selling music, CD's, products or services, or whatever it is you create or do.  All you need to do is make status updates, event invitations or product/promotion announcements, and answer your messages.  I can even help you with those, if you wish.

Alternative Hosting offers a personalized service.  At only $15/month, whether I did your site or not, you can contact me about your site anytime.  Simple updates, like changing a date, or removing or changing a line of text once in a while is usually included with your hosting.  If you need more extensive work than can be done in a few minutes on your existing site, it's still only $30/hr. for website work, which is about 1/2 to even 1/4 of what most professional web designers will charge you.  Active Hosting, a new approach that helps to lighten the load in these busy, busy times we live in!

Service includes:

  • Unlimited email addresses @yourdomain

  • Huge storage amounts

  • Huge monthly bandwidth

  • Awesome monthly statistics!

  • Me watching over it all


If you shop around and compare, Active Hosting is one of the best values on the net.  Please contact me today.      

Email:              Phone:  (920) 538-4538


Sites that have recently come on board:

Stoney Beach Music-Original Acoustic based Folk, Soft Rock, Country, Americana Songs, Lyrics, & Videos

The Riviera Villas-Fort Myers Beach Vacation Rentals on Ft. Myers Beach Florida


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