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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

Phone:  (920) 538-4538

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Having used Alternative Enterprises in the past, as a member of the Clearcut band, I knew Pat was very good at mixing recordings for our band. Pat was also our webmaster for the bands website. Pat was very thorough in his attention to detail and extremely timely in his making our website a vital and exciting representation of what our band was all about. He was extremely open and warm to what we wanted, but was also very helpful in letting us know what was possible.

As a singer/songwriter, Patís services were invaluable to me. Pat is a very versatile and proficient musician on several instruments, and has contacts with many other musicians that have special musical abilities. This allows a singer/songwriter like myself to put a musical voice to the songs that I write. Again, Pat is very attentive to what I am looking for, but also provides his expertise as a long-time performer to assist in needed nuances that I may not have thought about.


I would highly recommend Alternative Enterprises to anyone who is looking to have a tremendous experience. No matter if it is a karaoke recording you are looking to do for a family member, or a tune you have written, but just need some musicians to put it all together, Pat will be able to provide what you need.

Tom Lietz        Singer/Songwriter        SOWI/NSAI          11/18/2010

"Over The past 5 years I have went from wondering what it'd be like to record my original material professionally in a studio to actually accomplishing this feat.  I could not have done this without the help of Pat and Alternative Studio.  Pat Helped me take take ordinary sounding chords and words and turn them into full scale songs with production quality second to none.  Since I have been recording with Pat [Alternative Studio] I have completed one full CD and am almost finished with my second CD which I hope to release this coming summer.  I have also met professional musicians, publishers and a host of other quality people in the music business.  I am now a published singer/songwriter and owe a great gratitude of thanks to Pat for his professionalism and his expertise in the recording process.  Whether it be recording an original song from start to finish, making a demo CD for a cover band, or karaoke version of a song, Pat is the best!  If you want proof, I'll let my songs do the talking for themselves.  Thanks Pat, Karen, Alternative Studio.  It's been a pleasure and great joy working with you, and I look forward to our future collaborations"

Andy Lorge     Songwriter,  Clintonville, WI      10/29/09

Demo available

"I have completed my third educational project with Pat.  His creativity, level of professionalism, musicianship, and willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy this customer have played a major role in the development of products that I can be proud to present to the public and place my name upon.  He has also been handling my website needs and I have been very satisfied with this service as well.  Thanks ever so much, Pat.  You're the best!" 

Laurel Collins      Reading Teacher        Birnamwood, WI       10/26/09

"The first time I talked to Pat, I had a feeling that I had found the right studio.  He was informative and explained in detail what I needed to know.  As I spent more time recording with him, he explained to me that he pays attention to detail, and makes sure that the job is done right.  I saw this first-hand, and I had never been so amazed with every visit I have made so far.  Every day I spent was Christmas.  Pat helped me to understand the basics when it comes to getting your music out there, and made a life-long friend in the process.  I couldn't do it without you, Pat.  Thanks."

Jeffrey Michael Eis     Songwriter,  Manitowoc, WI      5/5/09

"I TOTALLY recommend Alternative Studio for your next project.  Having done 4 full length CD projects and 1 EP in the past at other studio's,..... Alternative Studio not only equals or surpasses the quality, product, and experience of the "Big Guys",.... You will get more "bang-for-the-buck!".  Pat is easy to work with and has a Fantastic "ear" for what the project calls for.  You will also feel that great sense of ease that comes with that One-On-One experience,... not that pressured feeling of being just another project in the hopper that you may experience somewhere else.  I am Extremely happy with the results of my latest Solo project that was done at Alternative Studio!  Give Pat a call TODAY!"

~Randy VanVooren    Peshtigo, WI   Singer/Songwriter/Performer     4/26/09


"Patrick Leigh is an accomplished musician and educator, as well as an excellent studio producer, engineer and coach.  I find Pat very easy to work with, and he does not hesitate, to correct a pitch problem, a timing problem, or a harmony vocal issue.  He has the ability to make everyone feel at home, and work in a relaxed atmosphere, to get to the desired outcome.  I would recommend Pat to the veteran songwriter as well as to a newcomer.  He is well respected in the music and songwriting communities in Wisconsin, and has the equipment and talent to proof it."

Tony Ansems      Neenah, WI    Chairman, Songwriters Of Wisconsin International (SOWI)    4/24/09

Songwriters Of Wisconsin Website

Dear Pat, 

"I want to thank you so much for all the work you've done on my Gospel song.  My song is beautiful.  You recorded my song slow, the way I wanted it to go.  Please tell Brian when you see him he can really sing!"

Nancy Feathers    Fond du Lac, WI   5/02/08

"Hey what's up Pat? 

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi.  We have been showin' off our demo and people have been impressed.  Thanks for helping us deliver a great product!  It even got us invited to play the Bella Sol music festival in Geneva Minnesota!"

SEED   2/14/08

Seed MySpace

Demo available

"Hey Pat - YOU ROCK!!

Thank you!!  And thanks to Julie ( for "introducing" us and letting me use her Lyon & Healy harp for my recording.  You are wonderful in so many ways - everything from your patience and professionalism to your kindness and understanding.

It's hard enough going into a recording studio with an instrument you are used to, but I walked into your studio and played a harp I had never played before.  I didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable at all, and as a result was able to record 22 songs in two sessions.  You are incredibly talented and a nice guy.  I highly recommend you to anybody wanting to record - beginners to professionals, solo artists to bands - you're great, and Nothing Else Matters.

Save time for me in the studio - I'll be back in Wisconsin in September and ready to do some more recording."

Pamela Pamperin, Harpist

Rocklin, California      February 2008

Demo available

"Dear Pat,

Since we are wrapping up my first CD, I want to take this time to thank you for the time and effort that you put into this project.  In the times of "Recording Jitters", you always came across as thoughtful and professional."

Thank you, 

Mike Arant     Manitowoc, WI    11/3/07

"I am not a performer and get very nervous when in front of a microphone so my surroundings are important in keeping me calm, not to mention the people I work with.  I found the studio setting itself to be very relaxing.  Being able to look outside at fields, trees and grass was most helpful.

And you were so easy going.  You made what could have been tense and unproductive into a wonderful recording experience.  I hope to work with you again in the near future.  Thanks for making me sound good."

Ricki E. Bellos    Sturgeon Bay, WI   10/29/07

"Hi pat.  Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I was with the recording of my first cd.  Your environment in your studio is very relaxing especially during those critical parts of songs that can be so gut wrenching.  I was pleased that you let me be the boss and when you thought something needed changing, you calmly made your suggestions known in a professional style.  I canít wait to work with you in the future.  I will recommend your services to anybody in a heartbeat."

Thanks again!!!!

Gary De Bruin   Neenah, WI   10/24/07

Demo available

"I have sooooooo many good things to say about working with you, and how pleased (I am on how) my web design developed with mutual respect and collaboration (with you) on my new site.  Way To Go!!  My site blows others out of the water!

(StarWars, Darth Vader) Impressive.  Most impressive.  Now you ARE a Jedi Master.  Many thanks Pat and Karen!"

Julie   Menasha, WI   8/13/06


"Just writing to say thanks for all the time and effort spent on our Musically Legal CD.  We had numerous compliments from bands, DJ, IJ as well as fans.  It was a detailed project, but the results are well worth it.  Thanks again!!!"

LIVEwire  Pulaski/Green Bay  8/11/06

LiveWire Polka Band

Demo available

"Hi Pat, just wanted to thank you one last time for all of your efforts Tuesday night.  I'm very happy with my CD and I appreciate the way you tweaked and edited things to make it respectable to play at my wedding.  Beyond that even, you were a nice guy to hang out with for a few hours.  Take care, I'll send some business your way if I get any chances to do so."

Mark Dequaine  Green Bay   5/11/05

"Pat Smolinski

Owner/Sound Engineer of Alternative Studio

Hello Pat,

              I am writing you to say Thank you for the Fantastic job you did.  Your production facility, your EXPERTISE and your DEDICATION to Quality are second to NONE!  You truly are in the upper 1% range of The Best of the Best!  I am sure that Brian and Joanna will be back with more works for you to produce.  As to Karen and your children----A huge THANK-YOU to her for keeping us fed and from thirst during these sessions.  Pat your studio and country setting IS conducive to any Artist being VERY comfortable to properly allow their creative art to---------------FLOW!  

              Bottom Line?------------A 100% Recommendation of You and your facility to ANYONE seeking to cut their 1st or 100th record!  For your attention to Quality is truly--------------Second to None!

Anyone wishing to speak to me personally?---------Pat is free to give you my home number.

Sincerely,  Teo"   

Teofil E. Gieryn Jr.   Appleton    4/16/05   

Hi There,

"Just had to write and let you know I listened to the CD demo you put together with Teo & Jeff and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!!  Really loved all three selections.  It amazes me what you put out in such a short amount of time.  I wish all of you the very best on this project and hope it grows into something dynamic.  These two guys are very happy with the results you gave them.  The sound is so crisp & clear.  Should go far.  Stop in if you're in the area, Pat.  Haven't seen you in quite awhile.   Have a good one."


HEID MUSIC--APPLETON   4/12/05     

Demo available--Jeffrey Morgan Foss

"I would like to thank Pat and the Alternative Studio for the excellent job he has done creating my CD.  Working with Pat in the past and currently recording with him, Pat is a true professional, and extremely talented.  I was extremely happy the way my first recording experience turned out.  I will record many more projects with Pat and the Alternative Studio.  I was very impressed with his knowledge, equipment and final results of my finished project."

Thanks Pat.

Sincerely,  Andrew Lorge, songwriter,  Clintonville   1/14/05    

Demo available

"Our recording experience at Alternative Studio was a pleasant surprise.  We have worked with other studios, but highly recommend Pat!  He was very professional and knowledgeable.  He spent the time making sure we were satisfied.  He made suggestions and comments, but never tried to change our minds from what we wanted our sound to be.  Being a musician himself, Pat understands and knows the music.  Pat also designed and serviced our website.  He listened to what we wanted and made it happen!  He made sure that we were happy with the design before he put it up, and then makes sure it is running smoothly for us day by day.  I would encourage you to call Pat at the Alternative for any project you might have going."

Tom Lietz From the band CLEARCUT   1/04/05   

Demo available


"I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent work you did with Novastar!!  The final CD's and hats arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for your dedication to make sure everything was top quality.  I heard stories of other groups who recorded and had negative experiences.  I know how hard the guys work together and their passion for music, I was so happy that they met someone like you!  Thanks again for making the guys first recording experience a positive one.  Best of luck with your business if you ever need a testimonial of the great work you do or if a parent is cautious about sending his/her teen to your studio, feel free to give them my name, e-mail or ph. #.  I'm sure the guys will be contacting you in the future to record more CD's and they have been telling other musicians about the quality work you do.  Thank you so much for being a dedicated sincere person!"   

Vicki Wiese, Sheboygan   11/03/02


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