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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

Phone:  (920) 538-4538

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Alternative Recording Studio

"Record in a unique and relaxing atmosphere with a great view!"

The Alternative Recording Studio is a non-genre-specific facility.

This means we can handle everything from Rock to Christian, Country to Karaoke, Techno to Death Metal, and Rap to Polka!  The Alternative Studio specializes in songwriter services, providing the background music for your original songs, whether you play an instrument or not.




  • High-End Stereo Tube Microphone Preamp & Compressor
  • 128 Track Audio
  • 64 Channel MIDI Sequencing
  • 22 Analog, Vintage and Digital Keyboards and Modules
  • Digital Sampler
  • Tube Microphone
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Drums:  Acoustic, Electronic, and TR-909 Drum Machine
  • 12 Hardware & Software FX, 6 EQ's
  • 100% Digital Recording, Mastering, and CD Burning
  • Graphic CD Design and Printing In-House for Small Runs
  • Contacts With Pressing Plants for Larger Runs
  • Gives any microphone that fat 'classic' vintage tone
  • You won't run out of tracks!
  • The ability to separately control many devices at once
  • For a huge arsenal of sounds!
  • Custom loops/samples, large disk library
  • For that crystal-clear sound you hear on the radio and your CD's
  • Use ours or bring your own
  • For plenty of drum options
  • For lots of sculpting and tweaking
  • Very clean sound, with very low noise
  • Get copies of your project made fast!
  • Lower cost per CD for runs of 300+




I also offer tape restoration and transfer to CD. If I don't have a particular format, I either know of, or can usually find someone with a player for your particular media, including vinyl.



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