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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

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Website Design 

Pricing and Policies

Initial consultations are always FREE, and highly recommended!

Alternative Web Design offers very affordable custom website solutions.  Although I specialize in music industry sites due to my broad experience in that area, I have designed several non-music related sites as well.  I strive for complete satisfaction to the best of my ability.


As of June 1st 2011, Alternative Web Design follows the following general rate structure:

Typical Website Design & Setup:     4-page (up to 15 hours*) 5-7 page (24 hours*) 8-10 page (48 hours*)

$400.00                   $700.00                   $1200


One-Year Domain Name Registration:        15.00

First Month Web Hosting:                           15.00

Total Up-front Cost as little as:              $430.00!

*Work will be billed at $30/hr. for hours beyond these limits, and for periodic updates and upgrades, unless included with your Active Hosting.

Pricing includes custom graphic design, which can incorporate any existing logos, or other graphics you may already have.  I can also host your site, and register your domain name.  For an additional fee I can take custom photos and generate high-quality Mp3ís of any audio for your site.  I can maintain your site for a prior-agreed-upon monthly or "per incidence" rate (i.e. updating band schedules, price changes, new products, etc...).  Minor occasional updates are included if I'm hosting you.  If you wish, I can help you get set up to make the changes yourself as well.

The pricing examples above are based upon the average time needed to do these types of sites previously.  Because projects vary in requirements and difficulty, your site may fall somewhere in between these basic examples.  Larger sites are available as well.  Let's sit down and talk about the details and options for your special project.  We will need to discuss every aspect of your site, so a no-cost initial consultation is extremely important and highly recommended!

Understandably, no project will go completely "live" until the current balance due is paid in full, unless prior arrangements are made.  Of course, you will be able to view the work being done to make corrections and suggestions along the way as the site is being built.

Please visit the Alternative Web Design page to take a look at several other sites I have done.








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