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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

Phone:  (920) 538-4538

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Music Lessons 

Pricing and Policies

Initial consultations are always FREE, and highly recommended!


The Alternative Recording Studio offers Lessons on:

  • Keyboards (Synthesizers, Piano and Organ)
  • Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Beginning Drums (Acoustic or Electronic)
  • Drum Programming (Drum Machines, Keyboards, Software, MIDI)


Rate is $25/hr., conducted here at the Recording Studio just outside of New London.  Shorter or longer, and every other week lessons available as well.  I also can make house calls for lessons with appropriate arrangements.  Family discounts are available when lessons are booked back-to-back, or simultaneously.

Lessons are non-genre-specific, or not based on any particular style of music.  Songs to be learned are student-supplied, not dictated by the teacher or a book.

All lessons are conducted "by ear" with strong emphasis on music theory.  I use a completely original method; developed over 25 years to get the student to simply listen to music, and then duplicate what is heard on their instrument.  No note reading is involved.  If you want to learn to read sheet music or tablature, then I am not the right teacher for you.  Often I can help you find someone locally who teaches note reading, or other instruments I do not teach.

Students are expected to practice daily, be prepared for the next lesson, and encouraged to experiment and write their own music.

Please visit the Studio/Lessons page for more information and details.















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