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    Patrick Leigh (Smolinski), Owner/Operator

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Band Coaching

Pricing and Policies

Alternative Enterprises is pleased to present our new Band Coaching service.  This rather unique addition to the Consulting division is hard to find elsewhere.  With all my various experience with most aspects of the music industry, I believe I bring the full package to the table.  If your band is struggling with issues of any kind, it is likely that I can help you to overcome them all.


The Band Coaching service follows a sliding rate scale, where it costs less per hour the longer I am there as follows:

1st hour:  $100.00

2nd hour:  $50.00

3rd hour:  $40.00

4th hour:  $30.00

5th and subsequent hours will be locked in at $30/hr.


This includes gas and travel time within a 35-mile radius of the studio, which includes Green Bay and all of the Fox Valley.  Beyond 35 miles you will be charged $1 per mile, one-way, to cover the additional gas and drive time. Minimum charge $100 (1 hour).

Phone/E-mail follow-up is included in the price, within reason.


  • PA Equipment Needs, Recommendations, and Selection (Iíll figure out what you need to buy or replace)

  • PA Hookup, Dial-in, and Operation (Iíll teach you and/or your soundman how to set up and run your system)

  • Proper Stage Setup (For best sound and minimum feedback)

  • Proper Instrument Sound and Control (How to control your volume and tone)

  • Instrument Lessons (I teach most instruments, so if someoneís not playing a part right, I can help)

  • Band Politics (Not getting along? Problem member? No problem!)

  • Hierarchy (Although there doesnít need to be a "leader", I will help you develop and agree on who does what)

  • Band Image and Promotion (Advice on how to best present yourselves, and how to promote the band)

  • Organization (A place for everything, and everything in its place!)

  • Professionalism (How to develop and maintain a professional attitude towards agents, venue owners, fans, and each other)

  • Much, Much More!


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