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Frequently Asked Questions

I have arranged these questions by division of Alternative Enterprises.  Just click on the link below for the division your question falls under.  If you don't find your question listed here, please email me.  I will personally answer your question, and possibly add it to the FAQ.

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Recording Studio

Q.  How much do you charge for recording?

A.  $40/hr. for most recording activities.  Complete details can be found on our Studio Pricing & Policy page, here.

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  New London, Wisconsin  USA.  It's about 30 miles west of Green Bay.

Q.  I'm a songwriter, and I'm wondering:  How does the process work that you can put music to just me singing?

A.  Please visit my Songwriter Services page, here.

Q.  How much can a songwriter expect to pay for a typical finished song?

A.  The range to date is $100 to $500.  The variance is due to:  song preparation, difficulty factor, number of instruments, length of song, and quality level needed, among others.  A basic demo will be on the lower end, while a more polished record will be in the upper end.  The average is around $250.

Q.  I'm a songwriter, and I live pretty far away from you.  Is it absolutely necessary to physically come to the studio?

A.  No.  You can send me rough dummies through the mail on CD or tape, or email it to me.  It is best that you be here to record your final vocal tracks, but other arrangements can be made, depending on just how far away you are.

Q.  What kind of recorder/mics do you use?

A.  Please visit the Alternative Equipment List page, here.

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Q.  What is MIDI?

A.  "Musical Instrument Digital Interface"  Think of it as a 'LAN (Local Area Network) for musical instruments, or the 'modem for music'.  If you want to learn more, please contact me!

Q.  How much do you charge to come to my place?  Is it less to come to you?

A.  The Alternative charges a sliding scale to make "house" calls, starting at $50 for the 1st hour, then $5 less each subsequent hour.  It is only a flat rate of $40/hr. to come to the recording studio for training, if the equipment is transportable.  Understandably, there will be an additional charge for travel outside of a 35 mile radius.  Please visit our Consulting & Computer Pricing & Policy page, here for more details.

Q.  Can you teach me how to use ProTools?  Cakewalk?  Cubase?  Acid?

A.  The Alternative can teach you how to use ANY music software, even if I've never seen it before!

Q.  Can you help me hook up my computer to my MIDI keyboard (and install my software)?

A.  Absolutely.  I make sure you don't make the classic mistakes, and I'll fix it if there are any problems.  I can also teach you how to use your software.

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Q.  How much are lessons?

A.  I currently charge only $25 per hour, which is less than most music stores.  Unlike them, I can go over the time at no additional charge (if necessary) as there is likely no 'next student' right on your tail.  I like to do 'full hour' lessons, which lets us get more done.  Times are very flexible though.  Please see our Lessons Pricing and policy page under the Pricing & Policy tab above for more info, or click here.

Q.  What do you teach?

A.  Keyboard, guitar, bass, beginning drums, and drum programming.  All lessons are by ear--no note reading.  Also, composition, theory, play-by-ear, and improvisation.  See more details on the Lessons page here.

Q.  Can you teach me to read sheet music?

A.  No.  I don't read myself, I just play.  I can teach you to do the same, by EAR, and teach you the necessary music theory.  If you want to learn to read sheet music, then I am not the right teacher.

Q.  What if you don't teach my instrument?

A.  I have contacts with very many teachers of most instruments.  I will give you a referral.

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Web Design

Q.  How much does it cost to have the Alternative do my website design?

A.  A basic breakdown of the costs can be found on the Website Design page here, and on our Web Design Pricing & Policy page here.  It is best to talk with me, as each project is unique.

Q.  What do you mean by a 'basic 4-page site'?

A.  That would be 4 separate pages.  For instance, for a band, it could be home/bio's, pics, demos, and schedule pages.  We are flexible, and can negotiate larger sites.  We will maintain your schedule or other pages for around $10/mo, more or less depending on how much time it takes each month.

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Q.  What kind of services do you provide?

A.   Primarily repair, configuring and optimization services for PC's and Mac's to be used for music software applications.  More here.

Q.  I am having problems recording new tracks to what I have already recorded.  The new tracks are out of time with the already recorded ones.  This makes it really hard to record the new tracks.

A.  You are a victim of what is called "Latency".  All computers have a delay between what you are hearing and what you are recording.  I can help you minimize the amount of latency that your particular software and machine is exhibiting.

Q.  I have a MIDI interface that used to work fine.  I recently upgraded to Windows XP/Vista.  Now it doesn't work.  Can you help?

A.   Yes.  MIDI is my specialty.  We will have to obtain the appropriate driver from the manufacturer, then reinstall it (if it is available).   Please give me a call or Email.

Q.  Can you deal with a virus?

A.   Yes, in most cases returning your computer to it's previous state, depending on the maliciousness of the virus.


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