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Vol. 1   No. 1                                         Winter, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the Alternative Enterprises E-mail Newsletter!  We will be sending out a new issue about every 2-3 months to keep everyone up-to-date on what's been happening at the Alternative, as well as announcements and other helpful information for bands, musicians, and songwriters.


Please visit the Alternative website links page which now contains a wealth of useful websites and services.  There are links for booking gigs, songwriting, copywriting, learning tools, promotion, and much more.  We have been adding links every week as we run into more and more useful websites, so check back from time to time.  Also, your feedback is always welcome, so let us know what you think!


We'll also have the newsletter available on the website, as well as links to previous editions.

Valley of the STARZ

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the grand opening of the Fox Valley's new premier talent agency, Valley of the STARZ.  Owner/operator Teo knows that there has been a rash of disgruntlement about the state of the area's booking practices and arrives on the scene with a new attitude:  It's all about "We", not "Me".  Teo will go to bat for you with the lines of communication wide open and up-front to minimize the amount of last minute "surprises" local talent has been experiencing lately. He also represents much more than just musical talent.  Magicians, comedians, dancers,  jugglers, clowns, you name it! You can visit his website (under construction) for more information or his MySpace at:

What's been happening at the Alternative?

December, 2007

The Moonlighters

The Moonlighters have released an 11-song karaoke Christmas compilation entitled "The Gift".  The Moonlighters consist of Brian James and Laura Lai, who do several lounge acts each week in the Fox Valley.  Brian and Laura are continuing work on their main karaoke release, as yet untitled.  Demos and upcoming shows are listed here:


Wavelength has released a 6-song cover demo, and perform live at various locations in the Fox Valley area.  One of their songs has been posted to the Alternative website's demo page under bands-rock.  Wavelength's talent includes Brian James as lead vocalist, Harold Carlson on lead guitar, Bret Radical on bass, Terry Socha on rhythm guitar and keyboards, and Jamie Dunn keepin' the beat with percussion.  Check out their schedule and demo at:

Mike Arant--Monarch

Songwriter Mike Arant released his first CD in this month titled Monarch.  It is a 12-song original release spanning the styles of rock, blues, ballads, surf rock, and a big-band arrangement.  Mike has already started on his 2nd CD, and previews will be available shortly on his site.  You can visit his new website (done by Alternative Web Design) and sample a few of the tunes here:

January, 2008

Pam Pamperin

I had the rare opportunity to record TWO harpists in January.  One was Julie Meinke of Menasha, Wisconsin, who owns a Lyon and Healy acoustic/electric harp, just purchased in November of last year.  The other was Pam Pamperin from Sacramento, California.  Pam was in the area visiting relatives and made arrangements with Julie since the harp was already going to be here and set up.  They collectively recorded 48 songs!  Whew!  Pam's project is in final evaluation awaiting final word for mastering.  Pam's recording will encompass 2 CD's, one traditional, one Christmas.

Harp Music For Memorable Events Julie Meinke

Julie's project is entirely composed of Christmas songs.  She gives us this thought:  "All of us remember Christmas from our childhood, and share many of the same traditions with our own children.  Memories are best when they are shared.  Isn't that what Christmas is all about?".


Seed has released a 3-song original demo.  This talented band consists of Travis Lee on lead vocals & guitar, Steve James on bass, Charlie Michael on lead guitar, and Adam Lee on drums.  You can expect to hear a lot of "noise" from these guys this year...they rock!  Check out "Broken Down" on the demos page of the Alternative website, and the entire demo and schedule on their MySpace (below), and be sure to catch a live show if you can.  It will be well worth it!


Songwriters Of Wisconsin

I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of SOWI (Songwriters Of Wisconsin International).  If you are a songwriter, your $30 annual membership can provide many benefits. Song critique meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month (except November and December) at Sabre Lanes bowling alley in Menasha.  Founded in 1983 by chairman Tony Ansems, SOWI has expanded globally, with members in many different countries.  The annual songwriting contest deadline for 2008 is June 15th.  You can find much more info on the contest, meetings, and SOWI in general at the website:

Songwriters of Wisconsin International

The July, 2008 SOWI meeting will probably be held right here at the Alternative!  It doesn't cost anything to attend, so pencil in July 31st on your calendar.  We'll have more details about that in the next newsletter.

Previously Released

Andy Lorge-Forgotten Soldier

Just this past fall, Andy Lorge, songwriter from Clintonville released his 10-song CD titled "Outlaws, Angels, and Heroes".  It features songs about renegades and rebels, 2 patriotic Viet Nam veteran songs about his dad, which get airplay on many local country radio stations every year around Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and lots of mentions of angels.  His song "My Daddy Cries on the 4th of July" will no doubt be heard again this year on Y100 and WJMQ.  Andy and I have started on his 2nd CD with 2 songs finished, and 2 more in the works.  Watch for more news on Andy, who is a Nashville-style writer with a great voice, and a strong message in every one of his songs.  You can listen to some previews on the Alternative website demo's page.

Saint Everett-Totality

Also this fall, the Alternative released the 2nd "Saint Everett" release titled "Brian James--Forever". This 10-song CD features the songwriting of John Everett, except for the title cut "Forever" written by Brian James.  The majority of the instruments was played by myself, with half of the guitars done by Bret Radical.  Brian James does all the vocals, including the backups.  The CD also contains a re-release of 4 songs resung by Brian from the first "Saint Everett" release "Totality".

Saint Everett

In The Next Issue. . .

Nikki & Tammy will be releasing a gospel duet combination CD involving accapella, guitar only, karaoke, and Alternative produced music backgrounds.

Gahost (formerly Lil' Ecko) will be releasing his first rap CD.

Coldwater Creek will also be releasing a long awaited CD of mostly original compositions (originally started in 2003) by Dave Sky in honor of his son, Daniel.

And much more!

Please Email us your feedback on stuff you would like to see here that we didn't cover this time.  We will try our best to provide more information that you can use for your own endeavors.

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