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CD Duplication

The Alternative is prepared to help you in any way we can with your duplicating needs for your finished project, from custom artwork to printing and manufacturing to just filling in a small gap in your CD production.  Whether you want 10, or 10,000, we have the appropriate solution.  We do small runs in-house, and export larger runs to reputable companies.  No matter if you need a few CD's in a sleeve, or a huge order in a full case with a 12-page booklet, we can help.  It doesn't matter if you recorded it here or not.  We will do as much, or more importantly, as little as you need us to do to get the job done!

Design rates:

Each panel (face) will be $50.  That means that the cover, the inside the CD cover, and the CD label, as well as each booklet page (if applicable) will each be $50.  It might be less if you have artwork/text already prepared.

Duplication rates:

Raw CD duplication (no artwork or label, with case)   $2.00ea.

Duplication with label and slim case:                           $2.50

Duplication with label and simple cover w/slim case:   $3.00

Duplication with cover & inside cover w/slim case:      $4.00

Duplication as above on "High Gloss":                         $5.00

Duplication with full case and back panel:                    $5.50

High-gloss forms are rather expensive, and your project might fall between these examples.  The duplicating firms I work with have printing presses, so the gloss issue is much less relevant for them.  Please contact us about the particular nature of what you want your CD to look like.

Runs in excess of 100, or booklets of more than 4 pages should be discussed, as it might be more economical to have me refer it to a duplication firm.  By the time I do 150 for you, you likely could get 300 for the same price, or less.  

External manufacturing usually runs between $1 and $3 per CD, depending on how many panels, case or sleeve type, and how many copies are being made.  Please contact me on your project's needs, and I will point you in the appropriate direction for duplication of your project.











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